The Study Smart Tutors Team

The Study Smart Tutors team is comprised of passionate educators dedicated to the communities we serve.  Our team is comprised of TRIO and GEAR UP alumni, first-generation professionals, and experts in college access and retention.

Ashley Schmerbeck

Administrative Coordinator

First-Generation Professional

Bree Beltran

Director of Operations

First-Generation Professional

Brenna Neri

Administrative Associate

Cassandra Schmitz

Education Services Coordinator, Northern CA, National

First-Generation Professional

Damien Enriquez

Tutoring Coordinator

First-Generation Professional

Elise Dunaway

Education Services Coordinator, Southern CA

Fernanda Arellano

Marketing Associate

Heath Alexander

Director of Grants and Program Evaluation

TRIO Alumni

Hulya Odabas

Director of Education

First-Generation Professional

Jack Friedman


Jonathan Lego

Associate Director of Curriculum

Jordan Vargas

Associate Director of Instruction

Katherine Bermudez

Grants and Evaluation Services Coordinator

First-Generation Professional

Kristen Kidd

Curriculum Associate

Kristian Markus

Associate Director of Educational Technology

First-Generation Professional

Laura Orozco

Sr. Associate Director of Partnerships, Southern CA

TRIO Alumni

Lynn Friedman

Educational Consultant

Ryan Goldsher

Instructional Support Associate

Stephanie Marino

San Francisco Public Library Lead Instructor

First-Generation Professional