Krissia Flores

Academic Services Manager

Krissia joins Study Smart Tutors with a passion for student success and well-being. After high school, Krissia earned an AA from Long Beach City College, transferred, and graduated as a first-generation college student from the University of California, Los Angeles with Honors and a degree in Psychology in 2022. At UCLA, Krissia participated as a Camp Counselor for one summer and as Head Counselor for the following summer in a program that sought to give students from underserved communities the opportunity to go to camp. Shortly after graduating, she joined Study Smart Tutors as a tutor and facilitator.
Moving onto her next chapter, Krissia is excited to continue working with Study Smart Tutors as an Academic Services Associate in order to continue having a positive impact on students’ academic journeys. In her free time, Krissia enjoys reading and writing, exploring coffee shops and bookstores, and hiking with her sister.