Gregory Edwards

Academic Services Manager

My journey in education began in college. After a horrible freshmen year where I flunked many classes, a quick research on what it took to make it in the industry was all I needed to get my act up and start focusing. On my second year in college, I made honor roll, and from that point on, became a tutor, teacher assistant, ambassador, Life Drawing Club President, and mentor until I dropped out of college. After I dropped out, I made a motivational group called HMWK and visited various schools to perform and remind the audience the importance of homework. In 2015, I returned to finish my degree, and in 2016 I went to South Korea to teach for 3 years. I returned to the US to take care of my grandmother and began teaching English online to Chinese children at VIPKids. In 2022, I joined Study Smart Tutors and have never felt better being able to help out our youth that truly needs the assistance to succeed in this complicated world. I have an urge to help out others, in hopes that I can help others make that change in direction like I did when I was young. I noticed I love making analogies and connecting with people, and I always try to make learning fun with the people I am helping out. I believe everything is a performance, and I treat my classes and approach to education no different. There’s nothing one remembers more than an experience, and education should be just that. An experience one will never forget.During the summer, I host the 626 and OC Night Markets in Arcadia and Costa Mesa. If you’re ever free, come through!