The Study Smart Tutors Difference

Providing Comprehensive Support to First-Gen Students, and the Schools and College Access Programs That Serve Them

We have provided tutoring, college preparation, and enrichment programming for thousands of students and families who might not have otherwise received it, preparing them for college, career and lifelong success.

Celebrating 10 Years of Service to Schools and College Access Programs

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Whatever it Takes: Using Technology to Meet the Needs of Families

In-person workshops aren’t the only way families can participate in college access programming and learn about college and career readiness. Participants will hear about the ways video content and social media can engage families in new ways. Participants will develop their own implementation plans for family programming by learning strategies to leverage staff and technology… View Article

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A Map of Our Partners

Our Mission

Our mission is to collaborate with partners that promote educational equity, access, and success by providing a diverse range of tools for students, families, and educators.
Our vision is to maximize opportunities that help first-generation individuals overcome infrastructure challenges, fostering their growth through education, and supporting them to maximize their potential to become influential leaders in their communities.
We offer educational experts, technology, training, curriculum that aligns to the unique strengths of first-generation students and those who serve them.
Our educational leaders develop curriculum and deliver instruction in ways that leverage the latest technologies, and are always interactive and academically challenging.