Jan Lauren Ilagan

Human Resources Administrative Support

Jan joined Study Smart Tutors following a 4-year stint as a Senior HR & Recruitment Supervisor at a China-Based Educational Technology organization. He also has 12 years of experience in online tutoring, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to Japanese learners of all proficiency levels. His background in ESL teaching and HR practice led to opportunities to become a resource speaker at his former college, particularly for students of Human Resource Management. Moreover, he has been invited to share his insights on English language communication, online teaching strategies, legal management, administration of policies, and labor relations at various organizations.

Jan earned a degree in Business Administration, with a concentration on Human Resources and Development Management, from San Pedro College in Davao City, Philippines. At the age of 18, during his college years, he began working part-time as an online ESL tutor for Japanese students. This experience as a working student made him realize the value of time, as his situation required balancing both his tutoring responsibilities and academic pursuits. After graduating from college, Jan felt a calling to become a facilitator of learning and development for both students and professionals. Inspired by his vocation, he continued tutoring for an extended period, which eventually led to a leadership position and a chance to practice his HR profession.

Beyond the workplace, Jan is passionate about fishkeeping and maintains six fish tanks at home, each containing tropical fishes of various species. He is also a fan of online MMORPG games that he plays in his spare time. Finally, as a native of a country known for beauty pageants, Jan is an active participant on pageant pages. He enjoys observing, analyzing, and predicting which contestant from a specific country will win a particular beauty pageant.