Sylvia Stevenson

Partnership Manager

Sylvia is thrilled to embark on her role as the SoCal Partnership Manager at Study Smart Tutors. While she may be relatively new to the EdTech realm, her passion for education has deep roots. Sylvia has long been an ally and advocate for her friends in the education sector, dedicating her time to volunteer events and spearheading art programs for youth. Her commitment to making a positive impact has been a consistent thread throughout her journey in education.

Originally from Texas, Sylvia made the move to Los Angeles from Oklahoma in 2015. Before transitioning into education, she gained valuable experience in both healthcare and telecommunications sectors.Outside of work, you’ll often find Sylvia engrossed in learning new skills or cherishing moments with friends and family. Her love for travel takes her around the world, allowing her to immerse herself in diverse cultures. While not particularly skilled in baking, Sylvia proudly identifies as a foodie, always eager to savor and explore new culinary delights.