Benjie Purol

Education Technology Support

Benjie joined Study Smart Tutor last November 2023. He’s experienced in teaching students of diverse nationalities. He was an active participant in various organizations during his high school years, such as the Senior Scouts, Supreme Student Government, and Marilog Affiliations of Rainbow Society. He values living passionately and serving others, viewing success and failure as interconnected. He upholds the principle of service to humanity as the highest form of service.

From his experiences, he learned the importance of hard work, confidence, positivity, and adaptability. Benjie views invincibility as the ultimate success, as it enables one to tackle life confidently. He aims to share his views, experiences, and life plans through his actions, while embodying humility, passion, dedication, hard work, and honesty.

Benjie currently lives in Davao City, colloquially known as the “King City” of the south of Mindanao. In his free time, he enjoys playing mobile games, sleeping, and watching anime or movies.