Viviana Galvez

Human Resources Manager

Viviana is extremely excited to be joining Study Smart Tutors. Viviana is a second-generation college graduate from California Lutheran University (Thousand Oaks, CA). While at Cal Lutheran, Viviana earned her degree in Business Administration, and an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. 

Viviana has had the privilege of being the daughter of not one, but two parents who are TRIO Alumni, making her a positive outcome and first-hand proof of the impact these programs have on the scholars and the families they serve. Viviana’s parents instilled in her a passion for education using their collective knowledge of college preparatory requirements. Viviana recognizes the challenges some first-generation college-bound students face when working hard to finish their degrees. She is thrilled to be on the operational edge of giving students the proper help she once had when applying to, and working hard to graduate from college. 

When Viviana isn’t at work, she enjoys spending quality time at the gym, having charcuterie board nights with the girls, and good ole movie nights with her loved ones.