Charley Taylor

Partnership Manager

Charley is originally from Louisiana, attended undergrad at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and has since settled in Northern California with her partner and two dogs. While in Colorado, Charley started her teaching career working in Early Childhood Education with a focus on behavioral management. In 2021, Charley shifted her vision to Educational Technology with the hopes of reaching more classrooms across the nation. Upon switching, Charley was ready for a new start, so she moved to California to start her life there while focusing on Educational Partnerships in the Northern California region.

In her free time, Charley enjoys being outside. She loves to hike, camp and backpack, and has recently picked up snowboarding as well. Charley also loves being near or in the water, so in the warmer months, you will find her swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding in the Pacific Ocean or Lake Tahoe!