Training & Materials Package FAQ


Why should I choose a training and materials package?

  • Provide test prep to students in a variety of times and locations
  • Capitalize on a built-in test prep component to recruit and retain students
  • Save money by empowering your own staff to provide test prep instruction

What package is right for me?

The Essentials Package is suited for programs who want to:

  • Provide students with informational “bootcamp” type workshops or “quick hit” lessons.

The Advanced Package is suited for programs who want to:

  • Provide students with in-depth preparation in a specifc time frame (ex. Spring or Summer course).
  • Collect comprehensive data for a course pre- and post-test.

How much can I expect my students’ scores to improve?

Guidelines for score improvement based on past data. These are guidelines, not guarantees.

  • Essentials Package: SAT – 100+ points, ACT 1+ point
  • Advanced Package: SAT – 150+ points, ACT 2+ points


How many staff can attend each training?

Up to 40 staff can attend each training at the listed prices. If more than 40 staff will be attending, the group will be split into multiple rooms and require an additional cost.

Who are the ideal staff members to attend the training(s)?

Trainings will be geared for those staff members who will be providing direct service test prep to students. However, we encourage you administrative and support staff, as well as any part-time tutors/mentors to attend.

Ideal Test Prep Instructors Possess:

  • Natural rapport with students
  • Enthusiasm for preparing students for the SAT/ACT
  • Knowledge in math, reading, and writing fundamentals

What will this training prepare my staff to do?

Staff will be empowered with the framework to teach actual test prep lessons for their students.

Who provides the training?

All trainings are provided by Study Smart Tutors “Master Level” staff. Each trainer has extensive experience working with school and college access staff to build test prep into programs.

What does the training entail?

Each training combines an overview of key test information, concepts, and strategy with instructions and modeling for implementation with students.

  • Module I will overview key concepts and provide staff with a “head start” for implementing test prep.
  • Module II will address staff questions after having worked with students, and go deeper into subject areas.


How does the materials license work?

The “materials license” means that you’ll be able to use your custom-built materials as you need them.

Materials license includes:

1. Teacher Workbook
2. Student Workbook
3. Accompanying PowerPoint Lessons
4. Practice exams
5. Custom lesson plans (advanced and expert only)

All materials will be provided in digital form for you to print at your convenience. Hard copies are included in the expert package, or can be ordered separately.

When should I renew the materials license?

We recommend you begin planning your renewal at least 3 months before your materials are set to expire to avoid interrupting the test prep services that you provide your students.

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