Staff Training

Train Your Staff to Be Prepared for the Challenges of Your Unique Learning Environments

Study Smart Tutors provides schools and college access programs with professional development, resources, and curriculum to build program capacity in ever-changing virtual and blended learning environments.


Staff trainings are designed to build capacity among advisors and coordinators, and equip tutors, mentors, and academic leaders with essential skills to create and sustain productive learning environments.


 Looking to prepare your staff to lead virtual tutoring, advising, or enrichment? Study Smart Tutors provides training to help your staff create productive and engaging virtual programming and equips staff with resources to help build students’ academic and critical thinking skills.

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    Sample Trainings

    Our marketing and recruitment training helps programs develop their brands, value propositions, and recruitment strategies to engage prospective students, families, and other stakeholders.

    Our "critical thinking" training helps participants deepen their student's critical thinking skills through a DOK (Depth of Knowledge) Lens. They will learn, discuss, and implement Webb’s DOK framework & address the various levels of DOK for students, critical thinking skills at different levels with different resources, mock modules to address program objectives.

    In this tech training, attendees will learn and apply a SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) technology framework. They will address various levels of SAMR for students and programming practice through the practice of building critical thinking skills at different levels with different resources for different learning styles and creating modules to address program objectives.