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Prepare your students for college entrance exams, SEL programming, college and career readiness and more!

Study Smart Tutors works with schools and college access programs to provide during-school, after-school, and enrichment classes for their students. Course lengths can be customized from one-day sessions to year-long programs. All of our classes are interactive and engaging, and students will build “toolboxes for success” as they prepare for success inside and outside the classroom.

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    Sample Student Workshops

    Study Smart Tutors' workshops engage students in a vareity of ways. Watch this sample "Growth Mindset" workshop to find out how!

    Study Smart Tutors partners with Professor Egghead Science Academy to deliver engaging STEM instruction using Legos. This interactive and engaging course introduces 6th-12th graders to the basic principles of structural engineering through interactive challenges.

    Study Smart Tutors partners with Complex Magazine, Yellowbrick, and FIT to introduce students to careers in the sneaker industry. This interactive and project-based course includes a certificate of completion from Complex Magazine.