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What People are Saying about Study Smart Tutors

“This course is really useful! I really didn\'t know any of the brilliant strategies for the exam before. But now, I understood all the tricks and strategies to avoid and use.”

- Mission High School student
“They were great and hopefully I do great on my SAT thanks to them.”

- UC Davis Upward Bound student
“Wonderful experience, very, very, very useful”

- Sonoma State Upward Bound student
“Thank you. It was a lot of help, and I feel much more confident.”

- CSUMB RISE student
“Great workshop and learning experience. Thank you!”

- College Options student
“The teaching strategies were really helpful. I enjoyed going over some of the concrete ways to improve students’ scores and mindset.”

- College Track staff member
“[Study Smart’s training] was the best in-service I\'ve been to in years!”

- Joe from Murietta High School
“Overall it was a great training. It was engaging, valuable information and strategies were shared, and it will allow us to better serve our students.”

- Bernardo from UC Merced CEP
“Nice streamlined presentation. Informative but not overwhelming. Great training!”

- Shandon from 100% College Prep
“Great presentation! It had a large amount of valuable information. It was also very interactive.”

- Angela from Wahupa Educational Services
“Perfect workshop. Very informative and straight-forward.”

- UC Davis TRIO staff member