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Higher SAT and ACT scores lead to success in college admissions, and Study Smart Tutors provides access to college prep for students who might not otherwise receive it. In collaboration with our partners, we’ve helped educate, empower, and inspire thousands of students as they prepare for college and career success.

Successful SAT Prep Course Implementation

Program Type: TRIO Upward Bound
Grade Level: Rising Seniors
Background: Since 2009, Study Smart Tutors has been partnering with this Upward Bound programs to facilitate SAT prep courses within their summer residential program.
Course Length: In summer 2018, Study Smart Tutors’ instructors delivered 16 hours of SAT Prep content over the course of 4 weeks. Students also completed two additional hours of SAT prep practice during “guided study hall” sessions facilitated by CSUN Upward Bound RA’s. Lastly, students completed full-length SAT Practice exams and after the course.

Student Feedback

  • “It was very helpful and I learned how to manage my time”

  • “I learned several tips to save time on the SAT”

  • “I'm really happy that I was lucky to receive this course”

  • “I liked the timing and the length of the class”

  • “The timing was just right, we got to learn a lot of strategies”

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