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Study Smart Tutors is excited to partner with LAUSD to provide high-impact tutoring intervention programs that support accelerated learning.

Where Can Students and Families Find Us?

Sessions are 1 – 2.5 hours after school at every site we work with, ranging from 3-4 days per week

Partnerships Team

Casey Weld, Project Manager

ex-LAUSD employee; 8+ years of experience

Casey Weld is Study Smart Tutors’ Southern California Partnership Manager and the Project Manager for our tutoring partnership with LAUSD’s Division of Instruction. Prior to joining Study Smart Tutors’ team in August, 2021, Casey worked for LA Unified for over 7 years as a tutor, advisor, and coordinator of college access services in a multitude of high need schools. Casey’s firsthand experience with LAUSD schools provides our team with unique insight and perspective to supporting LAUSD students, as well as a trustworthy reputation with district teachers, principals, and staff through his proven commitment to the advancement of LAUSD scholars.

Madison Raaf, Partnerships Coordinator

Madison joins Study Smart Tutors after teaching elementary school. She brings a passion for supporting students, tutors, and teachers. She is excited to be part of our team to support and encourage lifelong learners. Madison graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work from Chapman University and earned her California Teaching Credential from California Lutheran University. In her spare time, Madison loves to hike, read novels, visit National Parks, and bake delicious desserts!

Rebecca Suan, Partnerships Coordinator

Rebecca Suan joins Study Smart Tutors after working as a community manager. Rebecca graduated from Channel Island University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Health Science. During her academic journey, she developed a passion for exploring ways to promote well-being. This passion has motivated her to pursue a career that allows her to work closely with people and make a positive impact on their lives. When she is not engaged in professional pursuits, you’ll find her exploring nature through hiking, practicing yoga, or spending time with loved ones.

Education Team

Pete Petroff, Associate Director of Education

Pete Petroff is thrilled to join Study Smart Tutors after spending the last 15 years in education at schools across the nation with stops in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Manhattan Beach. Pete has worked in a variety of roles including teacher, new teacher mentor, department chair, educational consultant, coach, and most recently as an assistant principal. Pete has experience with charter schools, therapeutic day schools, and has spent the last five years in special education.

Pete graduated with his Bachelors of Science in Secondary Health Education from Indiana University in 2007 and his Masters of Teacher Leadership from Roosevelt University in 2013 and currently holds a California teaching credential. Pete has previously held teaching licenses in both Indiana and Illinois. Pete enjoys spending time with his wife and their two boys and getting to the beach as much as possible.

Brenda Camarillo, Academic Services Associate

Brenda joins Study Smart Tutors as the Academic Services Associate. Prior to working with Study Smart Tutors, she served as the Manager of Programs at a nonprofit where she spearheaded several national programs with the mission to connect, inspire and empower Latinx students and professionals through leadership, education, and community building.

Born in East Los Angeles and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Brenda understands first-hand the impact educators can have on a student’s academic journey. She attended East Los Angeles College, transferred, and graduated from the University of California Los Angeles. Brenda loves spending time with her family and friends, attending concerts, and watching live soccer matches.

Gregory Edwards, Academic Services Associate

Gregory’s journey in education began in college. After a horrible freshmen year where he flunked many classes, a quick research on what it took to make it in the industry was all he needed to get his act up and start focusing. On his second year in college, he made honor roll, and from that point on, became a tutor, teacher assistant, ambassador, Life Drawing Club President, and mentor until he dropped out of college. After he dropped out, Gregory made a motivational group called HMWK and visited various schools to perform and remind the audience the importance of homework. In 2015, Gregory returned to finish his degree. In 2022, Gregory joined Study Smart Tutors and has never felt better being able to help out our youth that truly needs the assistance to succeed in this complicated world. He has an urge to help out others, in hopes that it can help make that change in direction like he did when he was young. Gregory noticed he loves making analogies and connecting with people, and he always tries to make learning fun with the people he’s helping out. There’s nothing one remembers more than an experience, and education should be just that. An experience one will never forget.

Aaron Joseph, Academic Services Associate

Aaron Joseph graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in History in 2020. During his time at CSULB and prior he worked as a private tutor, he became enthralled with tailoring each session to his students’ needs and making education accessible. In 2021 Aaron began working alongside Study Smart Tutors as one of their tutors / facilitators. Aaron is enthusiastic about his new role as an Academic Services Associate. He has seen first hand the positive impact Study Smart Tutors programs and tutoring can have on student’s lives and strives to support that continued relationship. In his freetime Aaron enjoys skiing, cooking, video games and reading historical texts.

Tutor Profile

Launch Steps

Step 1

  • Identify school needs and logistics
  • Collaborate with schools to identify and recruit groups of students
  • Place tutors and execute intervention plans

Step 2

  • Our team partners with school site personnel to customize programming to fit the needs of students.

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For more information about our programming, please contact Casey Weld.

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