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Working to Support Families


Study Smart Tutors believes that when college access programs engage families student achievement increases.

We provide comprehensive in-person and virtual family workshops (in both English and Spanish) that detail important information for parents and guardians. Families will strengthen their knowledge of college access  by learning about the college admissions process, standardized tests, financial planning, and the role they play in their scholars’ lives.


Program Benefits

Provide parents with tips to helps students prepare for college
Help families understand the importance of standardized tests
Answer common questions relating to the college application process
Understand financial aid

18-Hour Family University

Our complete Family University Course teaches families prepare for college, and provides them with information on college search, standardized tests, financial aid, and the college application process. These workshops will also demonstrate to parents how to help students prepare for success in high school, college, and career.

Course Modules Include

Setting Goals for College Success
College Search 101
College Admissions Primer
Building Study Habits and Study Skills
Financial Planning for College and Career
Success as a College Student

Each of these modules can also serve as 3-hour stand-alone family workshop in both English and Spanish.

1-Hour PSAT/SAT/ACT for Families

Now that you’ve selected an SAT/ACT/PSAT test date for your students it’s time to encourage your families to become involved in the process.

This Workshop Empowers Families To

Learn more about the PSAT/SAT/ACT
Learn how to carefully read and understand their scholar’s student score report
Learn how to set SMART goals as a family
Help their child graduate from college

Families will strengthen their knowledge  by learning about each exam, the role the SAT and ACT play in their scholars’ lives, and how to carefully read and understand their scholars’ student score reports.

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