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Study Smart Tutors is excited to partner with Clayton County Public Schools to offer free tutoring to students in grades K-12.
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Schedule: Students may complete a pre- and post-test to determine tutoring needs during each tutoring block. Tutoring sessions will be aligned to Clayton County Public School standards in reading, writing, and math. We’ll be adding more schools and programs in Spring 2024.

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Ayo Strange, Associate Director of Partnerships

Ayo Strange holds a B.S. in Biology from Tennessee State University (Nashville, TN) and initially embarked on a career in pharmaceutical sales. A recruiter’s outreach led her to transition into the Education sector, where she has spent the majority of her professional journey focusing on Graduate and International student recruitment, as well as overseeing university general education and major-specific assessments. This experience has fueled her deep passion for contributing valuable resources to educational institutions and students.

During her tenure at the EdTech company Hobsons, Ayo pursued and earned her M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, OH and began her leadership career. Ayo joined Study Smart Tutors in 2023 to lead the Partnerships team.


Cyle Feingold, Project Director

Cyle grew up as a student with undiagnosed learning differences. He struggled tremendously in elementary school while his parents worked hard to find an amazing team of educators and tutors to help him overcome his challenges. Due to his personal experiences, Cyle has an immense passion for helping children with learning differences realize that they are wicked smart and build the skills and tools necessary to achieve success in school and life!

He has presented at numerous local conferences on dyslexia and executive functioning. In addition, from 2006 through 2015, he served on the Denver Academy Board of Trustees and served as the Chair for the marketing and strategic planning committees, where he was able to bring both his dedication to helping struggling students and his vast experience in creative sales and marketing. Cyle also serviced on the Board of Directors of the International Dyslexia Association, Rocky Mountain Branch, where he continued to advocate for students across Colorado.

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The Tutoring Program is free to parents and students. Clayton County Public Schools is using ESSER III funds to provide tutoring for students who have been impacted during the pandemic.

The program includes tutoring in reading, writing, and math.  All tutoring will be aligned to Clayton County Public Schools' standards.

Tutoring sessions will be provided either in-person or virtually.  Students will receive tutoring in groups ranging from 4-6 students per tutor.

Tutoring sessions are held for 60 minutes, up to four days per week, as well on Saturdays.  

Study Smart Tutors will begin in mid-Januay. The final date is to be determined.

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Information for Families

Each family is entitled to $1,000 worth of tutoring services per child that attends a Clayton County Public School.

Tutoring will be provided in small groups at local community locations.

If you need help or have questions, reach out to Ms. Brie Bowers or Ms. Kidada Brown. You can email Ms. Bowers at [email protected] or call her at 770-473-2700 (her extension is 700221). For Ms. Brown, email her at [email protected] or call the same number, 770-473-2700, but use extension 700216.