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Study Smart Tutors is excited to partner with the Arizona Department of Education to offer free tutoring to students in grades K-12.
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Schedule: Six-week tutoring blocks with 60 minute sessions up to four days per week. Students complete a pre- and post-test to determine tutoring needs during each tutoring block. Tutoring sessions will be aligned to the Arizona Standards in reading, writing, and math. We’ll be adding more schools and programs in Spring 2024.

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Mark Mangrum, Project Director

Born in Miami, Florida son of two college professors, education and serving the community was instilled at an early age.  Graduate of MarsHill College in adapted Physical Education, his career began as a teacher and quickly moved into administration.  As the Dean at Killian Oaks Academy he gained valuable experience in parental support, student guidance and behavior management.  He became National Director for One on One Learning, a Florida based company serving low income families, schools and school districts academic resources across the US.Currently the owner of Advanced Employment Group, Inc.,  Smart Snacks USA, and Fitness Express, Mr. Mangrum has run successful businesses both large and small servicing communities across the US. His commitment to professionalism, passion for helping and supporting  for over 26 years shows in his work history and everyday life.

Elise Dunaway, Partnership Manager

Elise Dunaway joins Study Smart Tutors after working as a director of a non profit and as an outdoor educator. She has a real passion for hands-on education and creative learning inside and outside the classroom. She knows firsthand how challenging it is applying to college but also how difficult the road to earning a degree can be. She is excited to help students at such a pivotal point in life not only get into college, but also prepare them with necessary tools to succeed and graduate. Elise earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa

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The Achievement Tutoring Program is free to parents and students. The Arizona Department of Education is using ESSER III funds to provide tutoring for students who have been impacted during the pandemic.

The program includes tutoring in reading and writing aligned with the Arizona English Language Arts Standards. It also includes tutoring in mathematics aligned with the Arizona Mathematics Standards.

Public school districts or charter schools will set up tutoring sessions that can be in-person or online through a user-friendly platform.

Tutoring sessions are held for 60 minutes, up to four days per week, for a total of six weeks. Tutoring blocks will take place every six weeks with time between blocks.

Study Smart Tutors will begin in mid-Januay. The final date is to be determined.

Students in the program will be formally assessed at the beginning and end of each six-week tutoring block. These assessments help establish a baseline of a student's skills before tutoring and measure the progress made through tutoring. They are vital for tracking and improving student performance.

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Program Guidelines

This content and the full program requirements and benefits are outlined on the Arizona Department of Education’s website.