Stephanie Marino

Administrative Coordinator

First-Generation Professional

Stephanie began her journey with Study Smart Tutors as an Instructor and Tutor. She is eager to continue her enthusiasm for connecting with students as the Lead Instructor for the programs of the San Francisco Public Library. Stephanie began her undergraduate career as an Elementary School Teaching major at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), spending multiple semesters in elementary school classrooms under wonderful teachers. This is where she discovered her passion for combining teaching with the administrative side of education to allow personalized education plans for all students based on their needs. She then moved into the Honors Program of Psychology at CSUN where she graduated with Cum Laude distinction in 2018. While in the Honors Program, she mentored freshmen, sophomore, and transfer students at the university’s Center for Achievement in Psychological Sciences, as well as provided tutoring assistance as a lab assistant in Psychological Statistics. Stephanie is the first person in her family to graduate from college. She attributes this fact to her excitement for bringing resources to students who may not have received them otherwise at no cost to the student. During her time off, she enjoys attending car shows, visiting Disneyland, and watching movies with her family.