Samantha Welch

Academic Services Manager

Samantha joins Study Smart Tutors after 9 years of working in various capacities alongside children and teens such as juvenile detention, special education classrooms, small-group and one-to-one environments. 

As a juvenile detention officer, Samantha was given the unique opportunity to develop and coordinate small group sessions centered on supporting residents both academically and emotionally. It was here she learned how important it is for young people to get the positive support they need and how it directly impacts their mental well-being and educational abilities. After moving to LA in 2015, Samantha continued working with students in the classroom starting out as a substitute teacher. She moved into special education classrooms working with children with learning differences giving her the unique opportunity to understand how important it is to view every student from a whole-child perspective. Since then, Samantha has continued to work with students in both small group and one-on-one settings both as an interventionist and an educational therapist.

Samantha earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Boise State University and her Masters of Arts in Education – Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in reading, language and linguistics, from CSU Northridge. Samantha loves to read books, create content for her blogs, and go for bike rides down to Santa Monica Pier.