Damien Enriquez

Academic Success Manager

First-Generation Professional

Damien joins Study Smart Tutors after working with the Boys & Girls Club for over six years, where he developed a passion for education and community outreach. He believes in equitable education for all youth and, as an educator, strove to provide access to STEM programs & mentors for youth in socio-economic difficulties.

Inside and outside of work, Damien has worked with community leaders to build support networks and access to resources for his local communities. Looking back at his childhood, he recognizes that he wouldn’t be here without the caring adults who encouraged and pushed him forward — Now he does what he can to pay it forward to our future generations.

Damien is a first generation college graduate from Laguna College of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s in Illustration. He still does art in his spare time, loves comic books, and plays Dungeons & Dragons with his close friends.