Study Smart STEM

We provide a variety of STEM programs to schools, college access organizations, libraries, and other educational programs.


Through our partnership with YellowBrick, Study Smart Tutors delivers career-readiness elective courses built for middle and high school students.

Sneaker Essentials, our first course in the partnership, introduces students to all aspects on the sneaker industry and comes with a certificate of completion from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

The Sneakers Industry Essentials Program Will:

Introduce students to the careers in the footwear industry
Convey industry practices in the areas of design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and media
Inform students’ choices and exploration of relevant career pathways
Support resume and portfolio building
5. Enhance students’ data analysis skills using pricing, revenue, statistics, visualizations and other real-world data sets

The program introduces students to potential career paths and an overview of the key knowledge and skills necessary for success in the sneaker industry and related fields.

Study Smart Tutors partners with Professor Egghead Science Academy to teach students the basics of robotics, coding, and other STEM activities, while exposing students to career pathways in various STEM fields.

Robotology 101
Using Lego Boost, students will design, build, program, code, and experiment with robots using color sensors, gears, motors, pulleys, machines, motors, and engineering principles.

Students will fully code and automate their robots using visual programming! We’ll build some of the following:

Jousting Bot
Chomping Bot
Chomping Bot
Forky (our Forklift bot)
Grabby (our Grabbing bot)

Our Robotics Programs Will

Jousting Bot
Chomping Bot
Chomping Bot
Forky (our Forklift bot)
Grabby (our Grabbing bot)


Study Smart Tutors partners with UGAA, the first eSports league that is providing students with the ability to learn while playing their favorite sports titles. We’re nurturing a new type of athlete that will not only learn skills within the game of teamwork and communication but also learn about development of games. UGA also offers the first NCAA-compliant league, and we enable students to continue their path in eSports with our NCAA partner schools.

UGAA and Study Smart Tutors will provide programs with hardware, software, curriculum, and support to offer an eSports “club” within after-school and summer programs..

This offering will include a 6-week long competition with the ability for students to compete locally, regionally, and internationally, all while maintaining NCAA eligibility, and will include monthly seminars from industry leaders.

Benefits of our eSports Programs
Leadership and Team Building Opportunities
STEM Learning
Scholarships pools for competitors offered by UGA
Pathways for college scholarships
Each eSports Partner Will Receive
Game Console
Box for Storage
Curriculum (50 Hours)
eSports development
Leadership training and team building
Data science intro
League Play
6-Weeks of League play
Ability to enter the national event to receive scholarship opportunities

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