Our Mission

Study Smart Tutors Inc. partners with educational institutions and college access programs to prepare students for K-12, college, career, and lifelong success.

We serve the needs of our partners by providing comprehensive programming to students, families, and educators. Our partnerships allow us to provide services at no cost to students and families. We remain committed to and passionate about providing equitable college and career programming to close opportunity gaps.

Our educational leaders develop curriculum and deliver instruction in ways that are unique, interactive, and academically challenging.

Why Us?

Our Unique Values
Instructional methods designed for first-generation college-bound students
Customizable courses built to fit the schedules of our schools and program partners
Active in the "college access and success" community
Culturally competent and responsive instructors
Extensive service offerings to holistically prepare student for college & career success

Why Do We Do This?

sat-biasThe SAT and ACT exams are arguably the most significant exams that a high school student will take. With more students applying to college each year, and budget cuts limiting the number of students accepted into incoming freshman classes, these tests are now more important than ever. How many points on the SAT separate a student who gets accepted vs. one who is rejected from his/her chosen college? According to a Wall Street Journal report, only 30 points separated students who were accepted from those who were rejected. That’s only 3 or 4 total questions on the SAT!

These exams measure how much money your family makes.
Unfortunately, it is widely known that there is a very strong correlation between family income levels and SAT Scores. The above chart represents data from the College Board for students who took the SAT in 2009.

You may notice that as income increases by $20,000, SAT scores rise by approximately 12 points in EACH section!