Test Prep Classes for Your Students

  • Educate

    your students with test-taking skills

  • Empower

    your staff to lead test-prep sessions

  • Inspire

    student confidence on exams

Study Smart Tutors will work within your schedule and budget to provide direct-service test prep classes for your students. All of our classes are engaging, and students will learn to set specific test prep goals as they build a “toolbox for success” on these exams.

Sample Summer Programs

4-Session 8-Hour SAT/ACT Class
5-Session 10-hour SAT/ACT Class
8-Session 16-hour SAT/ACT Class
10-Session 20-hour SAT/ACT Class

Sample Saturday Courses

1-Session (3-hour) SAT/ACT Bootcamp Course
3-Session (9-hour) SAT/ACT Course
5-Session (15-hour) Comprehensive SAT/ACT Course

Sample After-School Classes

1-Session (3-hour) SAT/ACT Bootcamp Course
4-Session 8-hour SAT/ACT Class

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