College Access Classes

Advanced Placement (AP) Prep

The AP Prep course is designed to prepare students for multiple aspects of AP courses and
exams. Students will set specific goals for AP course selection, coursework, and for the AP exams, and will create study-specific plans to reach those goals.

AP Prep Topics Include

Introduction to Advanced Placement Presentation Skills
Basic Organizational Skills Problem-Solving (Deductive Reasoning)
Ethics Writing Skills
Reading Comprehension How to Study Effectively
Vocabulary for AP Courses Test-Taking Strategies
Effective Note-Taking Skills What to Expect in Your AP Class

College Readiness Workshop Series

Essentials PackageAdvanced Package
A series of 3 workshop sessions (3 Sessions, 3 Hours per Session)A series of 5 workshop sessions (5 Sessions, 3 Hours per Session)
$3,150 for 3 workshop series$5,250 for 5 workshop series

Workshop Options

Recommended forWorkshop
Any Grade Level Public Speaking
Transition Points
(Middle to High School,
High School to College)
Non-Cognitive Skills
Juniors (or earlier) Study Skills/Organizational Skills/Time Management
Seniors College Application (Essays, Personal Statement)
Financial Literacy
Seniors, Recent Graduates Resume Building

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